Printable Ad Agreement For RMPHA Web Site Advertising

Printable Ad Agreement For RMPHA Newsletter Advertising - Coming soon

Please fill out & mail with payment 

We will continue to let Breeders and Trainers who are paid-up members of RMPHA in good standing to have a free listing on their corresponding pages. 
However, if you want a link to your site or an e-mail link---you will have to purchase a Corral Business Card Ad.

Only paid-up members of RMPHA in good standing will be able to place ads on the website --That is a benefit of membership!

All ads would be submitted directly to the RMPHA Website Chairperson through the website e-mail address or by US Mail. 
No ad will be placed on the site until a check is received. 
All ads will include an expiration date that will be enforced by the Website Chairperson, who will send out a 14 day renewal notice before eliminating the ad.

All ads must contain 50 words or less.

The following types of ads are available:

COST PER AD TYPE _________ 120 Days

Horse For Sale --text only $ 10.00

Horse For Sale --with picture $ 15.00

These are horses for sale or lease, and on a per horse basis.

Tack Room Ads --text only $ 10.00

Tack Room Ads --with picture $ 15.00

These are ads for tack, show clothes, trailers, and misc., and are on a per item basis.

Stallion Barn Ads --text only $ 10.00

Stallion Barn Ads --with picture $ 15.00

These are on a per stallion basis, and for stallion services only , and are on a per horse or service basis.

Corral Ads --- Business Card Ads $100.00 per year

Business Cards can be linked to your website or can send you an e-mail message. 
These would ultimately be used by Trainers and large scale Breeders who did not just want a their name listed on the free members listings. 
It would also be a great advertising tool for equine related businesses to get some advertising and a link from our site. 
Businesses who would like to take advantage of this could save money by purchasing a website one year 
Corral Ad and a Newsletter Business card ad (2” x 3.5”) for $95.00 --that's a 5% savings!

Mail-in scanning fees (per ad) --$10.00

Original pictures can be professionally scanned for $10.00 and returned if self-addressed stamped envelope is included with picture.